Visit our range of marquees to find the perfect marquee size or structure for your space. Whether you are hosting a small private gathering or a large-scale event, Feel Good Events can deliver. Our Structure and Pavilion marquees can be built in various sizes to suit space requirements or number of guests. Our free standing and clear span structures can be built on any level surface, including grass, concrete or bitumen. Need help in choosing the perfect marquee for your event! Contact the Feel Good team, we are only too happy to work through your requirements, make suggestions and discuss the installation process.

Bringing your event to life..... Once the perfect marquee for your event has been chosen, visit our range of furniture and equipment for hire. You can also add air-conditioning, lighting, flooring, décor, greenery and signage to create the perfect atmosphere for your event. Contact the team to discuss.

Pop Up Marquee 


Pop up marquees are a no fuss, low cost option suitable for a variety of uses. They can be installed on any surface and their ease of installation make they a great solution for food stalls, market tents and quick shade for leisure activities. Our pop ups consist of a sturdy aluminium frame with a white fabric or canvas roof. 

Sizes: 3m x 3m, 4m x 4m, 6m x 3m

Leg Height: 2.4m

Colour: White Fabric / Vinyl

   - 3m x 3m $70.00 (roof only) / $90.00 (with walls) 
   - 4m x 4m $90.00 (roof only) / $110.00 (with walls) 
   - 6m x 3m $120.00 (roof only) / $140.00 (with walls) 


Party Tent - Peak Roof Marquee (Pagoda)  

6m pagoda.jpg

The pagoda marquee is a striking and functional marquee solution. Ideal for use as an entrance feature, shade cover or intimate dinner party. The peaked roofs bring instant atmosphere to any event. Join them together to create a long event space or team with the Hexagonal marquees to create interesting and unique event spaces.

Sizes: 3m x 3m, 4m x 4m, 6m x 6m

Leg Height: 2.4m

Colour: White Vinyl

   - 3m x 3m $150.00 (self-erected) / $220.00 (erected) 
   - 4m x 4m $220.00 (self-erected) / $300.00 (erected) 
   - 6m x 6m $240.00 (self-erected) / $370.00 (erected) 


Hexagonal Marquee 


Our hexagonal marquee brings a unique look and feel to your event. Your guests will be delighted with the hexagonal shape and impressive peak roof. They can be built either as a stand-alone feature or can be joined with our pagoda marquees to create innovate and engaging event spaces.

As with all our marquees, the Hexagonal marquee can be built on any relatively flat, level surface, including, grass, concrete or bitumen.

Sizes: 12m

Leg Height: 2.4m

Colour: White Vinyl

Price: On Application


Truly Glass Marquee 


Looking for something that will stand out from the crowd? Our truly glass marquee is the perfect solution. This temporary space will make a big impact with is curved roof, vertical glass panels and functional double glass doors.

Size: 6m x 6m 

Leg Height: 3m

Colour: White Vinyl Roof/ Glass Walls/ Glass Double Doors 

Price: On Application 


Structure Marquee 

Our structures are ideal for medium to larger events. Ideals for weddings, openings, stage covers, race days or simply shade. These free standing, clear span structures can be built in 3m increments to easily suit guest numbers or event space requirements. They can be built on any relatively flat, level surface, including, grass, concrete or bitumen.


Need help? Our team is only a phone call away and always happy to offer advice and suggestions for the appropriate set up for your space. Together with our event equipment and styling solutions, we are sure to create an impressive space.

Span/Width: 4m, 6m, 8m or 10m

Length: 3m increments

Leg Height: 2.4m

Colour: White Vinyl

Silk Lining: Available

Price: On Application


Partitioned Marquee

Looking for the perfect solution for your exhibition? Or perhaps you need a space for food stalls? Our Partitioned Marquee is exactly what you've been looking for. 

This 4m spanned marquee includes inner partitions, to section off your marquee, creating intimate spaces for your event 

Span/ Width: 4m

Length" 3m increments 

Leg Height: 2.4m 

Colour: White Vinyl

Price: On Application 



Need something larger...our pavilion structures are just the solution. With its soaring ceiling heights, up to 6m at the peak the pavilion is sure to wow and delight guests. Engineered to the highest standard, the genuine Hocker Pavilion marquees provide an impressive temporary all weather structure for a multitude of events and commercial applications.


The Pavilion Marquees can be built on any relatively flat, level surface, including, grass, concrete or bitumen. Need help, our team is always on hand to assist. We can provide CAD floor plans and seating layouts and will happily impart our extensive experience to ensure the best possible solution.

Span/Width: 15m, 20m

Length: 5m increments

Leg Height: 2.66m

Colour: White Vinyl

Silk Lining: Available

Price: On Application 


Glass Doors

Our Double Glass Doors (GLASS - Not perspex or vinyl) create the ultimate entryway for your temporary structure. These doors are great for anyone who wants to completely close their marquee, while still allowing functional access.  

Partner with our Temperature Control Units to create the most comfortable event experience. 

Price: On Application 

Temperature Control 

Feel good events can supply a range of temperature control systems. These include industrial fans, mist fans and temperature control units.  Our team is happy to discuss your requirements and provide an appropriate solutions to your cooling needs. 

Partner with our Glass Doors for the maximum effect. 

Price: On Application