Lolly Bars

Treat your guest to a sweet surprise for your next event.           

A Lolly Buffet is the perfect addition to any celebration and we can customise it to suit your style. Included in the price is; jars, lollies of your choice, scoops/tongs, labels, table décor and bags for your guests.

Packages starting from as little as $5 per person!

Lolly Bar Packages starting from $5 per person!


  • Your choice of different styles of lollies
  • Glass jars to display your lollies
  • Tong/ Scoops
  • Labels
  • Table Décor
  • Take home bags for your guests

Contact us NOW for your quote!

All Packages can be tailored to suit your number of guests and your tastes!

Some of our delicious selections include...

Fantales - Allens                                                                           Raspberry twists - Allens
Pineapples - Allseps                                                                    Redskins - Allens
Strawberry & Cream - Allens                                                  Cloud Blueberry - Trolli
Minties - Allens                                                                             Red Frogs - Allens
Cloud Strawberry - Trolli                                                         Bananas - Allens
Racing Cars - Allens                                                                    Liquorice Allsorts - B & G
Kool Fruits - Allens                                                                     Pineapples - Allens
Marshmallows - B & G                                                               Kool Mints - Allens
Chicos - Allens                                                                               Musk Sticks - B & G
Jelly Beans - Allens                                                                      Milk bottles - Allens
Humbugs - B & G                                                                          Milko Chews - Allens
Snakes Alive - Allens                                                                  Icecream Cones B & G
Killer Pythons - Allens                                                               Ripe Raspberries - Allens
Black Cats - B & G                                                                         Pineapple Lumps - Cadbury
Party Mix - Allens                                                                        Candy Teeth - B & G
White Choc Bullets - Fine Time                                             Jelly Babies - Allens
Bailey Sugar - B & G                                                                    Licorice Allsorts - Fine Time
Gummy Bears - Aust Int Trade                                             Spearmint leaves - Fresha
Milk Bullets - Fini                                                                        Tiger Pops - Aust Int Trade
Party Mix - Fresha                                                                       RedHearts (lollipops) -FineTime
Raspberries - Fresha                                                                  Fizzy Worms - Fine Time
Strawberries & Cream - Fresha                                             Cola Bottles - Fine Time
Mini Heart Pops - Lolly Mania                                              Strawberry Belts – Fini
Fantasy Belts - Fini                                                                    Blue Sour Straps - TNT


*All lollies used in our lolly bars are Australian products*